Putnam Launches Retirement Income Funds

Putnam Investments is introducing the Putnam Retirement Income Lifestyle Funds, a suite of three income-oriented mutual funds, along with a Retirement Income Analysis Tool. 

The Putnam product suite, working in coordination with the new planning tool, is designed to help provide financial advisers with the ability to execute a variety of income strategies for their clients’ retirement years, including the ability to generate income while waiting for Social Security benefits to begin, create a sustainable stream of lifetime income based on expected longevity, and estimate related assets that can be earmarked for heirs.    

The Putnam Retirement Income Analysis Tool will generate customized lifetime income projections, utilizing scenario-planning based on a number of determining factors – income needs, life expectancy, risk tolerance, and other key financial variables. The tool, when used by advisers, will then suggest possible investment solutions, varying in risk/return characteristics, from the new Putnam Retirement Income Lifestyle Funds suite.