Psst – Here’s a Tip….

Advisers aren’t generally shy about expressing their feelings – but there are times when discretion can nonetheless be the better part of valor.


For instance, ever want to tell someone that her brownies taste like warm garbage?  Wish you could tell your neighbor how their laugh sends chills down your spine?  Need to share what you REALLY think about that new cologne your coworker has just bathed in? 


Maybe you just want to tell your boss how great they are without “kissing up.”


Now you have a unique way to say what’s really on your mind – with CareerBuilder’s “anonymous tip giver.”  


You can choose from four different “characters” to deliver your anonymous tip – and from three different male and female voices, in addition to your own.


You can write your own “tip” (and you can pick which of the four characters will read it), chose from some premade options, or even record your own.


Oh – and if you don’t WANT to be anonymous – you don’t have to be.


Please note that – as the web site notes, the Anonymous Tip Giver is “intended as entertainment and as a humorous diversion.  It is not intended or authorized to be used in a malicious or defamatory way.”


Have some fun – at