Professional Capital Services Updates Plan Model Tools

Professional Capital Services LLC (PCS) updated its retirement plan model management tools.

The latest model management enhancements are part of a Web-based tool suite available through the PCS AdvisorPlan Program. It offers advisers a single access point to rebalance, realign or transfer funds within customized mutual fund and exchange-traded fund-based asset allocation portfolios across multiple 401(k) plans.

The PCS Model Maintenance interface helps meet the new disclosure demands by consolidating and simplifying the building, rebalancing, benchmarking, performance reporting and fee disclosure functions via a Web portal.

Advisers maintaining models can choose to use their own performance figures or actual performance calculations for each model since inception on the PCS record keeping system. They can also design custom benchmarks, risk profile rankings and model descriptions for inclusion on the PCS annual participant fee disclosure and “evergreen” enrollment booklet.

The suite was revised to meet all requirements for designated investment alternatives (DIAs) contained in the Department of Labor’s participant fee disclosure regulations.

More information is available here.