2021 Practice Progress Webinar: SEPs, SIMPLEs and More

Join us Tuesday July 13 at 2 p.m. EST for the next edition of the 2021 Practice Progress webinar series, focused on the topic of growing your practice (efficiently and profitably) with small clients. 

Many retirement plan specialist advisers spend the bulk of their time working on 401(k) plans, and potentially on 403(b)s and defined benefit (DB) pensions. However, such solutions are often best suited for mid- and large-sized employers, and, thus, it can be challenging for advisers to profitably and efficiently serve small business clients and sole proprietorships. This is where simplified employee pensions (SEPs) and savings incentive match plans for employees (SIMPLEs) come into play.

This hourlong editorial-driven webinar will feature a panel of micro-market experts addressing the related topics of efficiently and profitably serving this end of the retirement planning market. We will cover the basics of SEPs, SIMPLEs and other savings arrangement, before exploring the many opportunities this client segment affords.

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