Plan Data Intelligence ReSource Revealed by ERISApedia

The Plan Data Intelligence ReSource from offers “powerful online data mining of the most current Form 5500 filings.”, a Burrmont Compliance Labs Company, announced a new business development tool called the Plan Data Intelligence ReSource.

The Plan Data Intelligence ReSource (PDI) offers powerful online data mining of the most current Form 5500 filings. A distinctive feature of the ReSource is the ability to search over 2 million pages of attachments, the firm explains. PDI further provides advanced filtering and selection criteria to tailor to business development preferences by market (National, State or Regional) and allows the user to quickly and accurately identify new potential client relationships.

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Included with PDI is a contact management system with a built-in email finding tool allowing users to export contact information, edit and add notes as well as track contact efforts or touches, the firm says.

The PDI ReSource offers several unique advantages including the ability to harvest investment data from within the core of the audit report and schedule of assets.

“With new Department of Labor (DOL) data that is published within days of release and the ability to use powerful customized search filters to help match the user’s ideal client profile, the resource is set apart from other existing tools,” the firm suggests. “The new service is available at very affordable pricing; allowing users to focus more of their resources on growth and sales.”

Timothy McCutcheon, president and publisher of, predicts the tool will make the prospecting job easier by scrubbing the Form 5500 data and presenting it in an intuitive and accessible format.

“Our job is to provide the user with powerful intelligence behind their business development efforts; delivering valuable insights about the plan and its assets and about specific improvements to offer,” he concludes.  

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