Pioneer Launches Educational Program

An adviser-focused program for volatility management, income generation and perspectives on the market (VIP) was unveiled by Pioneer Investments.

The national educational program is designed to help advisers address key challenges in today’s markets. The initiative gives advisers a range of educational materials, combined with investment ideas and solutions that address specific investor needs.

Pioneer has created a microsite, accessible to advisers who register at, to serve as the central hub for all VIP-related solutions. Advisers have access to a wide range of materials and activities related to the campaign, including white papers, market commentaries, videos, and information on specific products that speak to the challenges of managing volatility and generating income. The microsite will also provide details on upcoming conference calls and road shows with Pioneer portfolio managers. The program is being launched this month and will continue into 2013.

Advisers and their clients face enormous challenges navigating today’s turbulent markets and understanding the risks associated with the fiscal cliff, the European financial crisis, and a range of other issues, said Joseph Kringdon, executive vice president and head of U.S. retail distribution and marketing.

“Pioneer Investments’ portfolio managers understand how to deal with these challenges,” Kringdon said. “Our VIP program provides both the intellectual context and specific investment solutions for helping advisers manage portfolios in this difficult global economic climate.”

The VIP program focuses on:

  • Volatility: Rising market volatility compared with previous decades is hurting client portfolios and investor confidence. Pioneer provides in-depth research and suggests traditional and non-traditional strategies to manage volatility.
  • Income: Record-low interest rates create challenges for investors, both in the short and long terms. This portion focuses on the nature of the risks associated with income-producing investments, and provides ideas on how generating income using alternative approaches, including absolute return and flexible, global multi-sector strategies.
  • Perspectives:Investors struggle to digest negative financial news while attempting to make smart investing decisions. Pioneer offers educational materials, including an investment blog,, Market Viewpoint videos, and white papers that provide insights from the company’s portfolio managers and offer perspectives on volatility and income.