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September 17th, 2020

2020 PLANADVISER Recordkeeper Services Survey

Small businesses increasingly recognize the importance of offering retirement benefits to their workers. These can be a powerful tool for employee acquisition and retention, provide a valuable employer tax benefit, and lead to better financial health—and lower stress—for workers. Read more >
Another 403(b) Excessive Fee Suit May Settle
The parties in a 403(b) plan excessive fee lawsuit against Cornell University have requested that the trial be vacated, as they have reached a settlement in principle on the remaining claim in the case. Read more >
PANC 2020: Advisers Giving Back—Ideas for Getting Started
“Find organizations that mean something to your employees,” one panelist recommended. “That keeps them engaged and excited about the work. It is far more meaningful if it is something your team has a buy in on.” Read more >
PANC 2020: Making Decisions About Employer Matches, Safe Harbor Designs and Cash Flow
Since March, all businesses have felt at least some effects of the pandemic in their overall operations. According to an Ardent Partners study, for 33% of companies, that impact was massive; for 25%, it was high; 42% said they felt only some impact. Read more >