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Wednesday, September 8th, 2021
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Solving Retirement Income
One of the first steps in solving for retirement income is rethinking the jargon that often gets used with plan sponsors. For example, most employers don’t know the difference between ‘in-plan’ and ‘out-of-plan’ income. There also needs to be collaboration among the plan’s stakeholders, meaning that the asset manager, consultant and plan sponsor need to work together to present straightforward income solutions.
Data & Research
Advisers Have Opportunities to Help Sponsors and Participants Address Retirement Risks
Advisers can help retirement plan sponsors implement investment and withdrawal options and start conversations with participants who are reluctant to share their fears.
Client Service
Adviser Op-Ed: Addressing the Retirement Plan Provider Disconnect
In today’s challenging operating environment, the adviser must not only provide sound advice for their client but take on multiple roles—including play caller and coordinator.
Data & Research
Lawmakers Running Out of Time for Fixing Social Security
The more they wait, the more significant the changes affecting workers and beneficiaries will be, according to the Social Security Board of Trustees' annual report.
Client Service
Unintended Tax Consequences Arise When the RMD Date Shifts
The concept of extending the age at which one must begin drawing tax-sheltered savings as income in retirement is like candy, one source says: Everybody loves it, but too much of it can be a bad thing.
Data & Research
Participants More Receptive to Retirement Planning Help
Help with investments and retirement income were cited by participants in two surveys.
Deals & People
Providing Guaranteed Income and Advisory Services Among Recommendations to Improve Retirement Security
Reducing debt and having a clear spend-down strategy were also among the four keys to facilitating financial security in retirement identified by EBRI's Retirement Security Research Center.
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