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Wednesday, March 10th, 2021
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Retirement Income
For much of 2020 and early 2021, solving for the various provisions of the CARES Act took up a lot of time and energy for retirement plan fiduciaries. However, as the U.S. looks towards a ‘new normal’ and the much-hoped-for end of the coronavirus pandemic, there will be more time to focus on longstanding issues in the retirement planning space. In addition to the coverage gap, perhaps chief among these is the “decumulation” challenge and solving for retirement income. In that spirit, we hope the reporting collected below provides some new decumulation ideas, concepts and strategies for those working on this important topic.
Data & Research
What Advisers Should Know About RMD Rule Changes
A new research report out of the Wharton School suggests changes to required minimum distribution (RMD) rules might not have as big an impact in practice as many might expect, though one subset of clients seems likely to benefit the most from an older RMD age. 
Data & Research
Advisers Need to Realize Retirees’ Spending Needs Change Over Time
A new EBRI issue brief says there are four major things retirees focus on at any given time, but spending during retirement is even more nuanced than it might appear.
Client Service
Best Candidates for Annuities
Individual circumstances determine whether an annuity is right for an individual, how much of their assets should be annuitized and which type of annuity is best.
Data & Research
Pandemic Forcing Many to Retire Earlier Than Anticipated
Nearly 70% of retirees say they retired earlier than they had expected, up from 50% in 2020.
Assessing Available Retirement Income Options
An overview of the insured and investment solutions that are available and how advisers should evaluate them.
SECURE Act to Prompt Nearly Two-Thirds of Advisers to Consider Adopting In-Plan Guarantees
For their part, participants say they feel the pandemic has make their retirement savings more vulnerable.
For Pre-Retirees, It’s Always Important to Watch for Bubbles
While there is certainly room for optimism about where the equity and bond markets are heading, experts say it is still crucial to focus on sequence of returns risk for those near and in retirement.
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