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Wednesday, February 23rd, 2022
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Financial Wellness
Participants have many financial needs—meeting everyday expenses, paying off debt, saving for emergencies, paying for health care and saving for retirement—but there’s only so much money to go around. How do participants decide where to allocate their income while balancing short-term and long-term priorities? As explored in the following collection of articles, a well-crafted financial wellness program may be the answer.
Client Service
A Financial Wellness Case Study
The California-based cold-pressed juice brand Pressed Juicery has embraced a progressive financial wellness program that can help employees address the financial challenges they face at different points in their working lives.
Data & Research
Only One-Third of Households Report Having a Written Financial Plan
Research found written plans are associated with higher savings and bigger emergency funds.
Data & Research
Many Retirees Feel Better About Finances Despite Pandemic
Research from the SOA suggests that retirees are doing better than they expected they would while working, despite the ongoing pandemic and a volatile economic recovery.
How Advisers Can Help Low-Income Workers Save in Employer-Sponsored Plans
Financial wellness campaigns that explain the benefits of delaying Social Security until full retirement age can also help low- and moderate-income workers improve their retirement readiness.
Practice Management
Where Student Loan Debt, Retirement Savings and Financial Wellness Intersect
Research and advisory experts share their perspectives on how student debt affects workers and employers, while offering insights on the intersection of financial wellness and retirement planning.
Data & Research
Americans Focused on Financial Security and Planning
A New AIG Life & Retirement study shows respondents are focused on long-term financial planning, with many intending to seek help from a financial professional during 2022.
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