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PLANADVISER is pleased to present the next edition of our Thought Leadership Round-Up newsletter. Here we feature content from thought leaders in the industry. The material is intended to help plan advisers gain deeper understanding of nascent trends and provide key insights and analysis on the retirement benefits space.

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Participants Have The Right Mindset, But “We Still Have Work To Do”

Plan design can certainly help drive outcomes, but as an industry, we still have work to do

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Rationality and Retirement: Mutually Exclusive?
Behavioral finance may help to overcome cognitive biases.
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Are employees relying on employers to solve financial problems?

Employees who are financially stressed and working out of economic necessity can negatively impact workplace productivity

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The Making of a Glide Path

Understanding the Impact of Design Decisions on Retirement Outcomes

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It’s Time to Get Serious About Retirement Income Solutions

Thoughtful consideration of a participant’s journey, both up to and through retirement, can help participants meet their retirement goals—and better position plans to retain assets.

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Biased! How behavioral finance impacts investors and investments

Forging a path of least resistance to plan participant success remains at the center of a plan sponsor’s fiduciary responsibility. Plan advisors play a major role in designing plan features and investments to help meet that responsibility. While automated plan features are a start, they are not enough—it takes creative participant education and motivation as well.

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Getting the Most Out of Retirement Plan Solutions

In the universe of retirement options, there are a lot of bright stars—401(k)s, IRAs, Roth 401(k)s, and more. And while each of these plans offers its own distinct advantages, shining among them in the retirement stratosphere is the often-overlooked HSA (health savings account). HSAs have gained tremendous popularity thanks to their ability to create peace of mind today, while generating income for the future.

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