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May 24th, 2016
Rumbles of SEC Uniform Broker Standard Growing Louder
The Securities and Exchange Commission has given several signs that it could soon introduce a uniform standard of client care for registered brokers and advisers. Read more >
No Sign of Slowdown in ERISA Suits with BB&T Complaint
BB&T Corporation finds itself in the crosshairs of an increasingly active law firm that has dived headlong into filing big-dollar complaints under ERISA. Read more >
SCOTUS Gives Verizon PRT Suit New Life
The U.S. Supreme Court found an appellate decision regarding a Verizon pension plan risk transfer flawed, considering the trust law underpinnings of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act. Read more >
Retirees Share Regrets and Advice
More than one-third say they should have saved more, and 29% say they should have paid more attention to preparing for retirement when they were younger. Read more >
Wait, SECURE 2.0 Might Not Pass?
Asset Managers Scramble to Offer In-Demand Investment Vehicles
401(k) Robo-Adviser Blooom Shuts Services, Sells Tech to Morgan Stanley
Experts: More Hackers Going After Retirement Savings
Near-Retirees May Be at Risk for Retirement Income Shortfall
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Deliver financial wellness expertise with limited time and resources
Help employers pinpoint unique financial wellness needs and determine an action plan.  Read more >
Examining Financial Wellness Needs of Each Generation
Research has found that improvement in financial wellness improves retirement savings, but each generation has different needs and learning styles. Read more >
403(b) Plan Costs Trending Down
In 2013, the average plan had a total plan cost of 0.73% of assets, down from 0.82% four years earlier. The decrease could be, in part, due to a different composition of plan investments. Read more >
Pentegra Adds Retiree Interviews to SmartPath
“Our hope is that if people hear this now from actual retirees—not just retirement experts—then it will put fire under them to put a solid plan into place today,” says Rich Rausser with Pentegra. Read more >
Considering Risk Transfer Top of Mind for DB Plan Sponsors
Challenged by enduring marketplace volatility, escalating longevity and mounting Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation premiums, plan sponsors are recognizing the significant risks caused by their pensions.  Read more >
Join Our Upcoming PLANADVISER Fiduciary Rule Webcast
Our April 20th webcast for plan advisers offered a first-look at the results of the DOL’s final fiduciary regulations. As expected, a significant number of advisers tuned in. As a follow-up, our panel of experts will address some of the key questions that were submitted during that forum. Sign up here for the June 1st event. Read more >
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