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May 23rd, 2017
ESOPs Present Business Transition Planning Opportunity
ESOPs generally are best thought of in terms of business succession planning, and they are most effective when there is a paternalism about the company, the employees and the legacy that is guiding the decisions that are being made. Read more >
2017 PLANADVISER Adviser Value Survey
Our latest survey of plan sponsors reveals what services from their retirement plan advisers they perceive to be beneficial. Read more >
Student Loans Hindering Young People from Saving for Retirement
Forty percent said this debt is forcing them to delay saving for retirement. Forty-two percent said it is making them delay a home purchase, and 55% said it is preventing them from saving for emergencies.  Read more >
ICI Finds Two-Decade Downward Trend for Mutual Fund Expenses
In 2016, investors paid, on average, 39% less for equity mutual fund expense ratios than in 1996—reflecting investor interest in lower-cost funds, industry competition, and economies of scale driven by asset growth, ICI says. A fund’s expense ratio is the fund’s total annual expenses expressed as a percentage of its net assets. Read more >
Wait, SECURE 2.0 Might Not Pass?
Asset Managers Scramble to Offer In-Demand Investment Vehicles
Experts: More Hackers Going After Retirement Savings
401(k) Robo-Adviser Blooom Shuts Services, Sells Tech to Morgan Stanley
Near-Retirees May Be at Risk for Retirement Income Shortfall
Should Inflation Be a Bigger Client Concern?
As the Federal Reserve nears its dual mandate of maximum employment and price stability, there are increasing concerns about inflation, even though they are still muted, according to a Fidelity analysis. Read more >
PSNC 2017 Preview: HSAs and DC Health Care
Panelists will explain how HSAs can be used as a savings and retirement vehicle and why high-deductible plans paired with these accounts are a good option for employers. Read more >
Fixed Income Strategies in a High Interest Environment
PIMCO also advises investors to rethink how they invest in bonds. The firm suggests employing diversified bond allocations “representative of the broadest global bond opportunity set.” It also directs sponsors to “increase tactical duration flexibility to mitigate downside risk,” and “allocating dynamically across credit markets to capture a premium above government bonds.” Read more >
Saving Stymies Overall Financial Wellness Efforts for Some
Nineteen percent of investors polled don’t save at least 10% for retirement, and say doing so would not be easy, and another 19% do not have an emergency fund and say starting would not be easy. Read more >
Smart Beta Use Increasing Among Institutional Asset Owners
Results from an FTSE Russell survey also detail strong interest in applying environmental, social and governance considerations to smart beta. Read more >
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