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May 5th, 2016
MetLife Stable Value Study
MetLife’s Stable Value Study offers strategic insights into the current marketplace for this capital preservation investment option within DC plans. New in the third edition are comparisons to the other main capital preservation option, money market funds, with special attention to why one is chosen over the other. Read more >
What Matters to Clients When Selecting Stable Value Funds
There has been some increased movement toward adding stable value to 401(k) plans in the past few years, especially among sponsors of smaller plans, according to the MetLife Stable Value Study. Read more >
Stable Value Pursues Certainty in Tough Markets
Warren Howe, MetLife’s national director for the stable value market, discusses the firm’s latest stable value research, focusing on the important role stable value can play during bull and bear markets.   Read more >
Trendspotting: Keeping it Steady
The vast majority of DC plan sponsors that are familiar with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s amendments to the rules governing money market funds feel that stable value makes a more attractive capital preservation option for plan participants. Read more >
Walgreen Sued for Keeping Underperforming TDFs in 401(k)
‘Stretch IRAs,’ Multigenerational Inheritance and the SECURE Act
SECURE Act Ensnared in Senate After Flying Through House
IRS Private Letter Ruling Solves Crucial Annuity Transaction Friction Point
The DOL’s Fiduciary Race Ahead of 2021
Sponsored message from PLANADVISER AND METLIFE
PLANADVISER and MetLife are pleased to bring you this special edition newsletter, which focuses on stable value funds. We hope you will find valuable insights and understanding of stable value funds and their role in institutional retirement plans.
Stable Value vs. Money Market Funds
Every retirement plan needs a low volatility option, a choice where plan participants will not see their balances decline in the next market “correction.” While both money market funds and stable value solutions aim to fill this need, the differences between the two for plan participants are significant. Read more >
Basics of the Stable Value Market
The characteristics and nuances of stable value products can vary, but all offer guarantees and principal protection. Read more >
Practical Money Market Reform Implications for DC Plans
Retirement plans will not necessarily have to divest from retail money market funds under SEC’s pending reforms, but plan sponsors and advisers may decide it’s best. The new requirements are also likely to trigger a cascade of secondary effects for qualified DC plans and their advisers. Read more >
Time to Prepare for MMF Disruption
One ERISA attorney warns advisers to expect real changes to money market funds—and potential disruptions—as funds reorganize and adopt new policies and procedures required by the SEC. The stable-value market will likely feel some peripheral effects.  Read more >

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