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May 1st, 2019
The Best Case for ESG Under ERISA Is Long-Term
According to Michael Hunstad, head of quantitative strategies at NTAM, it is undeniable in 2019 that ESG issues are material to financial performance; more debatable is the best way to leverage ESG themes in institutional portfolios. Read more >
The Benefits of Simplifying DC Plan Investment Menus
Doing so could encourage more employees to participate in the plan, sources say. Read more >
Maximizing Growth Potential
MEPs have been in existence for many decades but only available in what is known as a “closed” format: They require a common nexus, such as industry or location, among the employers who participate. Read more >
HSA Ownership Boosts Confidence About Retirement Expenses
Those who have a health savings account are more certain about how they will cover future health care costs. Read more >