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March 17th, 2016
Women Not Discussing Biggest Retirement Concern
Advisers can play a major role in helping women by providing a fact-based estimate of their long-term care costs and setting up plan to pay for those costs. Read more >
401k Averages Book Sees DC Plan Fees Down Another Notch
A single basis point drop in the average U.S. retirement plan fee may not seem that significant, but magnified across hundreds of billions in assets it represents an important win for plan participants. Read more >
Demand for Index Funds a Factor in Lower Mutual Fund Fees
Expense ratios for equity, hybrid, and bond mutual funds dropped in 2015 to the lowest level in at least 20 years, ICI says. Read more >
From the Magazine: The Value of Alts
With the guidance of a skilled adviser, alternative investments can play a helpful role as interest rates rise and equity markets whipsaw. Read more >
Consider All Individual Circumstances Before Suggesting 4% Retirement Income Withdrawal
ERISA Litigators Reflect on Lessons Learned in 2018
Many Retirees Spending More Than They Expected
Edward Jones Self-Dealing ERISA Challenge Leads to $3M Settlement
MetLife Pension Calculations Questioned in ERISA Complaint
Wells Fargo Allows Mobile 401(k) Plan Reallocations
Participants will be able to change how their current balance and future contributions are invested among their 401(k) plans’ available investment options. Read more >
DIVERSIONS: A Mixed Message on Corporate Attitudes Toward Sleep
Research from McKinsey & Company shows that executives aren’t sleeping enough, that lack of sleep is unimportant and that lack of sleep impairs judgment. Or as the Cowardly Lion said, “Come to think of it, forty winks wouldn’t be bad.”  Read more >

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