ICI Asks Governors to Consider Shelter-in-Place Exemption for Mutual Funds

“Many states are home to headquarters or critical operations for numerous mutual fund sponsors where Americans have entrusted their savings to meet a wide range of financial goals. Those mutual fund companies must remain in operation to ensure access to invested monies for shareholders across the country,” ICI's president wrote in a letter.

401(k) Trading Spiked at End of February

As the markets tanked amid fears of a worldwide coronavirus outbreak, the last week of the month was among the busiest stretches in the 20 year-plus history of the Alight Solutions 401(k) Index.

When Target-Risk Makes More Sense Than Target-Date

The reason why target-risk funds gave way to target-date funds is the perceived simplicity of just using one’s retirement date to set the portfolio's investment risk tolerance—but this approach doesn’t work optimally for all participants.

The Case for ‘Blend’ TDFs

PIMCO says that rather than go with an all-actively managed target-date fund (TDF) or an all-passively managed TDF, a mix of the two makes sense—and that there is particular logic to assigning the fixed income portion of the portfolio to active management due to outperformance.

Adviser Managed Accounts. A Good Fit?

The past few years have seen a number of recordkeepers roll out new “adviser managed accounts,” i.e., managed accounts that include the consulting services of an independent registered investment adviser.