Best Performing Funds Fail to Repeat Performance

Advisers who use performance as the sole, or significant, driver in investment selection might want to rethink their strategy because the latest study of fund performance over time from Standard&Poor’s found that very few funds top performing funds managed to consistently repeat top-half or top-quartile performance in 2006.

Eaton Vance Managers 'Bullish' About 2007

“Every investor should dial up their equity exposure [in 2007],″ said Duncan Richardson, Executive Vice President and Chief Equity Investment Officer of Eaton Vance Management, at a press conference Wednesday.

Rydex Expands Offering of Twice-a-Day Fund Pricing

Rydex Investments has announced it will expand the availability of twice-a-day pricing for a selection of Rydex mutual funds, to help brokers and their clients manage intra-day risk and take advantage of market liquidity.

Emerging Markets Best Performer in 2006

The world’s emerging and developed markets continued to stay in positive territory in December, making a full year of positive results as oil prices remained low, Standard&Poor’s said.