Newport Launches Executive Benefits Benchmarking Tool

The Newport Group introduced a Focus on Total Rewards benchmarking analysis, which provides comprehensive intelligence about executive benefits.

Available exclusively to Newport clients and intermediary partners, the service helps companies create effective reward, retention and retirement strategies, the firm announced.

Newport’s proprietary Focus on Total Rewards report identifies an array of insights: the types of executive benefit plan features offered, eligibility requirements, plan participation statistics, deferral sources, vesting, distribution options, and funding alternatives—as well as the prevalence of these features among their peer companies. It also shows the competitive economic value of these benefits across peer groups.  

The information in the report was compiled by a partner of Newport, the Main Data Group, a research and consulting company and source of executive benefit and total reward information. Content is derived from a vast array of publicly available information including proxy statements, 10k, 11k, and plan document filings, and is included in the report together with proprietary information gathered by Newport.  

“Recent surveys indicate that executive benefit plans continue to be a significant part of a company’s total compensation,” said Newport CEO Bryant Kirk. “Over 90% of Fortune 1000 companies offer one or more of these plans to their executives. Knowing what specific plan features one’s peers are offering to key talent can be a critical barometer for assessing the effectiveness of your own company’s program.”