Newport Creates New Position to Work with Strategic Alliances

The Newport Group has appointed Vanessa Watkins, the firm’s Director of Retirement Plan Services, to the newly created position of Vice President of Strategic Alliances.

In this role, Watkins will collaborate with Newport’s alliances – which include formal marketing relationships with a dozen national financial firms, and retirement and investment advisory services to more than 100 others.

As Vice President of Strategic Alliances, Watkins will work with these firms at the corporate level to support their marketing strategies through targeted sales campaigns, product rollouts, and new technology development, according to the company.

“By establishing an executive-level position to manage these relationships, Newport will be even better able to help these firms compete and promote their brands in a dynamic marketplace,’ Newport’s Chief Marketing Officer Tom Pittman said in an announcement.

The Newport Group is a national provider of retirement plans and investment advisory services.