Nationwide IncomeInsight Workbook Goes Online

Financial advisers now have access to an online version of Nationwide’s The Retirement Income and Income Risk Workbook, which generates a suggested retirement income portfolio for clients.

Nationwide said the workbook was created to help clients and their advisers evaluate whether a variable annuity and guaranteed minimum withdrawal benefit (VA+GMWB) strategy, such as Nationwide’s IncomeInsight, would complement their investment portfolio. The online version asks advisers to answer eight or nine questions about their clients, and then generates a suggested retirement income portfolio, which could include an allocation to a VA+GMWB.

Nationwide also announced the release of updated Nationwide-sponsored research by Ibbotson Associates about using VA+GMWB strategies. The update of Ibbotson’s 2007 research paper “Retirement Portfolio and Variable Annuity with Guaranteed Minimum Withdrawal Benefit (VA+GMWB)” claims that using a VA+GMWB can increase retirement income potential while decreasing risk.


For more information about the updated whitepaper and the online version of the workbook, contact your wholesaler or sales center or contact Nationwide’s Income Planning Desk at 1.877.245.0763 or