Mesirow to 'Investigate' Investments

Mesirow Financial is introducing its POLICE Report, which actively monitors and evaluates investments based on quantitative and qualitative criteria.
A press release said Mesirow’s Investment Strategies team begins by creating the Mesirow Financial Elite List, which covers a range of funds in asset classes and identifies those that are appropriate for long-term retirement investing. Once established, the Mesirow Financial POLICE Report identifies current and potential issues involving the managers and investment options on the Elite List on a quarterly basis.  The report is compiled in conjunction with the firm’s Fiduciary Partnership services for defined contribution providers.

According to the announcement, POLICE stands for: 

  • Performance – Ranks all funds versus their appropriate peers; 
  • Organization – Tracks personnel and ownership changes; 
  • Legal – Discloses lawsuits, settlements, or regulatory issues; 
  • Investment Policy – Identifies changes in strategy and/or operations; 
  • Consistent Style – Pinpoints all style issues based on historical returns; and 
  • Expenses – Compares fees to a peer group average to assess the competitiveness.

Mesirow Financial’s Investment Strategies group has been granted registered trademark status from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the Mesirow Financial POLICE Report.