Mercer Adds Recession Coping Skills to Web Content for Employers

Mercer launched a new section of its corporate Web site that provides insights and solutions to the challenges posed by the economic environment.

A Mercer news release said “Leading through unprecedented times” features podcasts with Mercer consultants on a range of urgent HR-related issues, including the implications for employer-provided health benefits, executive remuneration, volatility and pension funding, and employee communications strategies in tough economic times.

For organizations interested in investment consulting related issues, a Mercer paper on the financial market turmoil addresses the shift in attention of institutional investors to operational risk, focusing specifically on cash management, collateral management, and counterparty risk.

Other papers address securities lending, the crisis for money market funds in the wake of the Lehman Brothers failure, the unwinding of infrastructure funds, and the implications for hedge funds of the financial crisis, Mercer said.

“In times of economic distress, it becomes even more critical for organizations to optimize their workforces, use the right engagement and development strategies, review investment strategy and make the best human capital investments,” said M. Michele Burns, Mercer’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, in the news release. “Through our dedicated Web site, Mercer consultants share their insights and advice for dealing with some of the most urgent human capital, organizational and investment issues raised by the current financial crisis.”

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