McGraw-Hill Develops Plan Review Materials

McGraw-Hill Financial Communications and ExpertPlan, Inc., are rolling out a presentation tool for financial professionals to use with 401(k) plan sponsor clients, called the Annual Plan Review Book.

The Annual Plan Review Book can be used by financial advisers with plan sponsor clients to walk them through plan, participant, and investment selection data.

McGraw-Hill says that the product will enable retirement plan sponsors and plan fiduciaries to make better informed decisions about their plans quickly and easily. The Annual Plan Review Book would include a detailed overview of a plan’s key data and investment performance, including benchmark and educational information. It is currently available through ExpertPlan.

Key features include:

  • Plan data and participant demographics laid out in easy-to-read tables and graphics
  • Plan investment data, including fund objectives, risks, historical performance, and benchmark comparisons
  • Analysis of the economy and the financial markets provided by Standard & Poor’s
  • Highlights of key legislation and regulations as they apply to retirement plans and plan administrators and fiduciaries

“With new regulations developed and implemented on a regular basis, we want to make sure that we are arming advisers with the tools they need to succeed,” said Larry McQuaid, vice president and general manager of McGraw-Hill Financial Communications. “By synthesizing and organizing important plan information in an easy-to-reference booklet, we hope to simplify some of the many responsibilities of plan sponsors and fiduciaries.”

For more information, contact McGraw-Hill Financial Communications at 800-326-7697.