Matrix Launches Modeling and Unitization Platform

The ModelTool(k)it from Matrix Financial Solutions helps advisers manage portfolio models of recommended mutual funds and ETFs in 401(k) plans. 


The tool gives advisers advanced portfolio modeling and managed account capabilities, and access to the 25,000 mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) available on the Matrix Trading Platform. The solution was created through a partnership of Matrix and Envestnet Retirement Solutions.

The addition of managed account services is part of Matrix’s goal of providing a full suite of solutions that help retirement plan-focused financial advisers, broker/dealers and third-party administrators (TPAs) differentiate and compete in the competitive small to mid-sized plan segment, the company said in a statement.

The new offering should also help meet growing investor demands of service providers and financial advisers for integrated and actively managed portfolio and investment services, says John Moody, president of Matrix. Moody describes ModelTool(k) as an easy-to-implement and cost-effective solution for advisers and recordkeepers looking for a “simple and efficient platform to create, manage and implement model portfolios.”

More information about Matrix is available at their website