Art by Dadu Shin

Stretching the Match

An adjustment to the formula can enlarge participants’ savings
Art by James Yang

Value Added

Helping sponsors see the worth of an adviser's fiduciary services
Art by Leo Espinosa

Aggressive Plan Design

A strong retirement system benefits everyone in the U.S. economy


The case for re-enrollment to improve participant outcomes

Bringing it All Together

The adviser’s role when working with a client’s multiple retirement plans.

Avoidance Strategies

How advisers can help sponsors steer clear of common plan errors

Staying Within Bounds

Does the new fiduciary rule create a fine line between education and advice?

Basic Training

How to help educate plan committee members

Do They Belong?

Helping sponsors evaluate their options for nonactive participants

Correct Size

Creating an RFP that addresses each sponsor’s individual needs

The New Retirement

Many Boomers will need to work in retirement; advisers can help them plan for it

Plugging Plan Leaks

Many 401(k)s contain a feature advisers don’t want participants to use

Tools of Engagement

The technology advisers increasingly use to involve participants

Right Size

Serving the different needs of mega, midmarket and micro plans

Running the Show

Six essential responsibilities of a plan administrative committee