Art by Claire Merchlinsky

The Retirement Purse

Should a participant's TDF still seek returns after he crosses the finish line?
Art by Jing Wei

Taking on Discretion

Should you offer 3(38) fiduciary services or outsource the role?

Shielding Yourself

Deciding whether to be a 3(21) or a 3(38) fiduciary

Assessing Independence

Many advisers would rather venture on their own than affiliate with a B/D

Passing the Torch

How to start thinking about a succession plan for your practice.

Millennials Essential

Practices have several ways to successfully recruit this talent

The Right Pick

Improving your business by partnering with a TPA

Assessing Value

How to determine which clients are profitable

Spreading the Word

Formal marketing can bring new business or build a brand

The Right Measure

The various types of fees advisers charge plan sponsors

More Than Just an Acronym

The importance of adviser credentials in an evolving and competitive marketplace

Executing Firm Growth

The challenging decisions of planning to expand or transition ownership

In Perfect Alignment

Best practices for working with recordkeepers and investment managers

Breakaway Brokers

Is going independent all it’s cracked up to be?

Consistent Brand

By using CRM to its fullest potential, advisers can improve the customer experience 

Growing Pains

As an adviser’s business grows, a key concern is whether to grow organically or through deals or partnerships