LPL Adds Ingham Retirement

Ingham Retirement Group has affiliated with LPL Financial’s broker/dealer and registered independent adviser (RIA) custodial platforms. 

Ingham, based in Miami, provides customized retirement plans for complex business situations, for strategies that address the needs of high-net-worth business owners and professional partners, as well as their employees. The advisory team brings approximately 50 professionals, including 12 financial advisers, and $1.5 billion in client assets to LPL Financial.

The networking and best-practices learning opportunities that come from an affiliation with LPL Financial are enormously valuable, said Kenneth Ingham, president and chief executive of Ingham. Ingham cited LPL’s extensive technological, research and support capabilities as a huge draw in solidifying the decision to move over to the platform. The decision will provide tremendous operational efficiencies, he said.

“As a leader in the independent advisory space, with its deep understanding of retirement plan advisers and sponsors, and with its other specialties in areas such as high-net-worth services, LPL Financial really understands our particular needs,” Ingham said.