Investment Firm Expands Relationship with State Street

Brandes Investment Partners & Co. (BIPCo) has expanded its investment servicing relationship with State Street to include its Canadian pooled funds totaling $1 billion Canadian dollars in assets.

State Street will provide custody, accounting, financial reporting and taxation services, securities lending and performance analytics, and will be the trustee and transfer agent for the Canadian pooled funds.  

State Street has an extensive relationship with Brandes and provides custody, fund accounting and fund administration services in addition to investment restriction reporting, performance and analytics, securities lending, commission recapture, investment management, transaction cost analysis and fair value pricing for its 14 retail mutual fund products in Canada, as well as for two funds in the United States.   

Since establishing its first Canadian office in Toronto in 1990, State Street now has more than 1,200 employees in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver and provides a broad array of services to many of Canada’s institutional investors.