IMHO: Legends for Our Times

Ours is an industry of fairly recent invention–one that is, in many respects, only just beginning to emerge from the growth pangs of adolescence.
Ours is an industry constantly and dramatically evolving–and one that all too often seems relentlessly driven to push us forward to the next challenge, through the next legislative overhaul, and onto the next wave of tumult in the markets, sometimes in the same six-month period. For those committed to the retirement plan business, change is not only the order of the day, it is the day. That certainly has been true for the 15 years during which PLANSPONSOR has been published.
But if the pace is relentlessly forward, there are nonetheless those among us who have a vision that stands out from the crush of the day, who provide a better way for the rest of us, either through thoughts or deeds, to succeed in helping bring about a more secure future for those who depend on us.
As our 15th anniversary approached, we began thinking about those individuals–individuals who have made an impact on this business of retirement benefits. For clarity, we limited our focus to the past 15 years, though there are certainly individuals whose contributions predate that timeframe and whose impact is still felt today. We also limited our list to 15, though it could easily have been twice that size.
They are leaders, innovators, partners—some have challenged the status quo, others have laid the foundation for a new one, and still others have helped us all negotiate the period(s) in between. There are some familiar faces, as you might expect–many have appeared in our pages over the years, several were highlighted as “influencers’ in PLANSPONSOR’s 10th anniversary issue, and a number have subsequently been honored with PLANSPONSOR’s Lifetime Achievement Award. There also are some with which you may not be familiar, though you are almost certainly aware of their contributions. Admittedly, there may well be those on this list that some may challenge–or some not represented who have arguably made equally significant contributions.
This is, however, our list–15 who have, IMHO, during the passage of the past decade and a half, made a lasting contribution to the nation’s retirement security.
There are those who make a difference in our lives– parents, spouses, mentors, friends–and then there are those who make a difference in all of our lives.
They are legends.