ICMA-RC Creates Tools for One-on-One Meetings with Participants

They include calculators that show the impact of increasing contributions and a Roth analyzer, among other things.

ICMA-RC has launched Retirement Roadmap, a set of tools that the firm’s representatives can use in their one-on-one meetings with participants. The tools cover three stages of retirement savings: engage, build and realize.

The engage tools are designed for someone who hasn’t started saving. They show the benefits of tax-deferred savings and cover the basics of retirement plan features. A calculator shows participants the cost of delaying to save, growth of savings over time, how small changes in savings can add up and estimated savings based on participants’ current paycheck.

The build tools are designed to show those in mid-career how well they are faring. They include a calculator that shows the growth of savings over time, a paycheck calculator and a Roth analyzer.

Those near or in retirement have the realize tools, which showcase withdrawal strategies.

“Plan sponsors want to know that their employees are receiving consistent information about retirement planning no matter what their career stage,” says Joseph Teague, managing vice president, field sales and relationship management at ICMA-RC. “The Retirement Roadmap provides a framework for tailored meetings and one-on-one discussions to help participants succeed throughout each stage of their careers.”

Michele Martin, managing vice president, field sales and relationship management at ICMA-RC, adds: “We know that one-on-one meetings are a powerful tools for motivating participants to take action. The Retirement Roadmap enables our representatives to maximize these opportunities for improving retirement security among participants.”