‘Human-Centric Insights’ at Heart of New Hartford Funds Program

Hartford Funds today launched a new educational program that provides advisers with insights on how to strengthen client relationships.

Hartford Funds’ new Human-Centric Insights Panel program was created to help advisers “meet the expanding client needs that now accompany financial planning and wealth management.”

The program is built around a series of panel discussion modules that each focuses on a key area involved in running a successful financial advisory practice. “The initial set of panelists includes Dr. Kristy Archuleta, Dr. Vicki Bogan, Dr. Barbara Nusbaum and Tim Sanders, with possible additional panelists in the future,” the firm explains.

According to Hartford Funds, Archuleta is currently the program director of the personal financial planning program at Kansas State University, and has a doctoral degree in marriage and family therapy, with an emphasis on personal financial planning. She will focus on the issues couples face when planning for regular expenses and retirement.

Bogan is associate professor of finance and director of the institute for behavioral and household finance at Cornell University. She will focus on investor behavior. Nusbaum, a psychologist and “expert on the intersections of money, psychology and life,” will share insights on behavior and emotions related to money. Sanders, described by Hartford Funds as “a renowned speaker, author and expert on emotional talent, social media, sales and likability,” will focus his perspectives on adviser-client perception.

The program launched with seven articles from the four panelists, tapping into subjects which include:

When Financial Therapy is the Answer for Married Clients,” Dr. Kristy Archuleta

Helping Investors Get Out of Their Own Way,” Dr. Vicki Bogan

What Every Advisor Needs to Know About Hyperbolic Discounting and Why,” Dr. Vicki Bogan

Create Empathy. Create A Better Client Relationship,” Dr. Barbara Nusbaum

Leave Emotion Out of the Conversation at Your Own Risk,” Dr. Barbara Nusbaum

High Touch Service for a High Tech World,” Tim Sanders

The Art of Un-teaching,” Tim Sanders

The firm also unveiled a new website, www.humancentricinvesting.com, coinciding with the new modules. By exploring the site, “advisers will gain access to distinct insights from experts who will address advisor-client relationship issues surrounding couples and finances, emotions and behaviors related to money, and perceptions of financial advisors.”