Hartford Introduces Personal Retirement Manager

The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. has introduced The Hartford’s Personal Retirement Manager, a new tax-deferred retirement savings vehicle. 

According to a press release, the offering has an income component, called the Personal Pension Account, which provides guaranteed lifetime income with flexibility to adjust the amount and timing of payouts. An investment component provides access to a choice of more than 50 domestic and foreign, equity and fixed income investment options with total annual insurance charges on invested assets ranging from 0.30% to 1.35%. 

Investors have the flexibility to allocate their investment dollars into both the income and investment component based on their changing financial needs, the announcement said. 

The Hartford is introducing its new product with an extended series of broker meetings and client seminars around the country. In addition, educational materials, including brochures and fact sheets, can be found at www.hartfordinvestor.com.