Hartford Announces Three Funds

The Hartford Mutual Funds has unveiled three new offerings: The Hartford Global Real Asset Fund, The Hartford Global All-Asset Fund, and the Hartford International Value Fund.

A Hartford news release said the Global Real Asset Fund and the Global All-Asset Fund offer exposure to global economies and are being released at a time of expanding demand for alternative investments.  The third offering, the International Value Fund, offers investors the benefits of international exposure with a style-focused, large-cap value approach.

The funds are sub-advised by Wellington Management Company, LLP, a sub-adviser to The Hartford.

The Hartford Global Real Asset Fund seeks to provide a long-term total return that outpaces inflation over a macroeconomic cycle by investing in a globally diverse mix of inflation-related equity investments, inflation-linked bonds, and commodities, the company said.

The management team is led by Scott Elliott, a senior vice president at Wellington Management with 20 years of professional experience. Target ranges for each asset class are inflation-related stocks (40% to 70%), inflation-linked bonds (20% to 50%); and commodities (0 to 25%).

The Hartford Global All-Asset Fund has a flexible investment approach that gives portfolio managers the freedom to invest in any country, sector, or asset class, including stocks, bonds, cash, commodity-related instruments, currencies, and derivatives.  The fund is also led by Elliott.

Target asset allocation ranges are stocks (40% to 80%), bonds (20% to 60%); and commodities (up to 25%).

The Hartford International Value Fund invests at least 65% of its assets in equity securities of foreign issuers. It employs a traditional value philosophy to identify common stocks of companies that are financially sound but temporarily out of favor; provide above-average total-return potential; sell at below-average price-to-earnings ratios, according to the company.

The fund is managed by Toby Jayne, a vice president at Wellington Management with 12 years of professional experience.

More information is available at www.hartfordmutualfunds.com/newfund.