Global Investment Research Alliance Established

Segal Rogerscasey and Frontier Advisors have established the Global Investment Research Alliance (GIRA).

The objective of the Alliance is to share research about investment managers among member firms across global regions. In addition to founding members Segal Rogerscasey, an investment solutions firm based in the United States and Canada, and Frontier Advisors, an investment advisory firm based in Australia and New Zealand, the Alliance is expected to expand to a maximum of six members with additional firms in South America, Europe and the United Kingdom, Asia and the Middle East/Africa. Members will all be independent firms operating in defined geographic areas and focused on delivering customized solutions for asset owners.

“The establishment of the Alliance enables members to provide clients with broad coverage of asset managers and global investment concepts by working closely with other independent, research-driven firms in select regions around the world,” said John DeMairo, CEO of Segal Rogerscasy. “Alliance members all believe that fundamental manager research is a disciplined process that drives results. We all seek the continuous improvement of our ability to provide best-in-class solutions to our clients.”

Damian Moloney, CEO of Frontier Advisors added, “GIRA is an innovative and powerful way for members to share research, ideas and local market developments across the increasingly integrated investment globe. The Alliance significantly enhances the advice and research Frontier provides to our clients and we are delighted to be working with Segal Rogercasey.”

The Global Investment Research Alliance is designed to increase the global reach of each member by improving its ability to utilize the best asset managers for its clients’ investment portfolios. The Alliance will hold periodic forums to discuss global investment trends, client issues and capital market directions.