Fidelity Adds Social Security Web Content

Fidelity introduced a series of new educational resources to help Americans better understand their Social Security options, and how it can impact their retirement income.

According to a Fidelity news release, the new Web site content includes:

  • simplified information on Social Security benefit decisions and examples illustrating how key factors, such as age, can impact Social Security payment amounts;
  • a printable table showing common strategies to consider when deciding when to take benefits;
  • resources to help create a retirement income plan, including a Social Security payment estimate, using Fidelity’s Retirement Income Planner tool;
  • a customer brochure with Social Security-related information including the five key steps to becoming Social Security-ready, and four critical factors to consider before they make a final decision;
  • new informational materials that outline the benefits of creating a retirement income plan, as well as how to get started;
  • a new educational audio program on with information from the Social Security Administration to help people better understand the program and the options available regarding when to receive benefits;
  • local seminars, held in conjunction with the Social Security Administration, in Fidelity Investor Centers nationwide to help individuals better understand their Social Security options.

More information is available at