EvoShare’s Cash Back Savings Program Added to iJoin Platform

Cash back on spending can be contributed to a 401(k), 529 plan or HSA.

EvoShare is partnering with iJoin to offer retirement savers another way to save for their future, powered by their existing spending habits.

EvoShare’s proprietary system turns a percentage of every dollar spent at more than 10,000 partnered local and online stores into additional contributions for a financial savings account such as a 401(k), 529 college savings plan or health savings account (HSA).

iJoin is a personalized, goal-based retirement plan experience for investors at every step of their savings journey. iJoin considers dozens of personal data points including each person’s income, savings, age, location, gender and retirement destination to calculate their retirement funding goal. It then initiates suggestions to optimize individual savings potential.

“EvoShare’s revolutionary platform for recapturing spending as additional retirement contributions is another tool in iJoin’s arsenal of retirement outcome personalization. Together, the two platforms will boost employees’ long-term savings success, without sacrificing their present-day lifestyle,” the firms said in an announcement.