PLANADVISER Virtual: Building Your Practice in 2021

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Wednesday March 24, 2021

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    Opening Remark & Keynote: Addressing the K-Shaped Recovery and Persistent Economic Inequality

    Since the global financial crisis of 2007 and 2008, U.S. households in aggregate have come a long way in strengthening their balance sheets. Yet the distribution of wealth is highly unequal—about as unequal as it has ever been. Each household in the top 1% of wealth distribution has, on average, $25 million in assets, including nearly $10 million of equities. The next 9% of the distribution holds an average of $3.5 million each, supported by more than $1 million of pension entitlements, including defined contribution (DC) and defined benefit (DB) plans. In marked contrast, the bottom half of households has only $20,000 of net worth, on average, less than 0.1% of the assets of a household at the top.
    Confronted with these stark statistics, some may assume the U.S. has always had such remarkable levels of wealth inequality and that solving the issue is out of reach. In reality, the modern history of economic inequality in the United States is a lot more complicated, and potentially more solvable, than many might realize.

    Join our discussion with Dr. Yakov Feygin, associate director of the Future of Capitalism program at the Berggruen Institute. He directs the Institute’s economic policy work, including a recent retirement plan study, and is very knowledgeable about the past, present and future of inequality.

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    Keynote: Will Pooled Employer Plans (PEPs) Impact Your Retirement Practice?

    Join us for a session on how Pooled Employer Plans can potentially impact your retirement plan practice.  Discover why it is now more important than ever to educate yourself and your clients on the latest retirement plan legislation.
    Michael Majors, Senior Director of National Retirement Services Sales, Paychex Retirement Services

    Sponsored by Paychex

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    Building a Talented Team

    What are the best strategies for securing new talent? What experiences have advisers had recruiting young people from colleges and other professions? What are the keys to attracting an experienced and dedicated partner with a shared vision for the future? How do you identify the right staff to take on management roles and become the next generation of leaders? From what new types of skills and talents can advisory firms most benefit?
    John Manganaro, Managing Editor,

    Joe DeNoyior, National President, HUB Retirement and Private Wealth (HUB RPW)
    Dominique Henderson, Founder of DJH Capital Management and Founder of Jumpstart, an adviser mentorship program
    Janine J. Moore, Co-Founder of Peak Financial Group and Retirement Practice Leader at HUB Retirement and Wealth Management

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    What 2020 Taught Us About Selling

    LIMRA SRI [Secure Retirement Institute] data show that, in the last three years, only 51% of “core” plan advisers, 40% of “medium” advisers, and 30% of “occasional” advisers have sold at least one brand new plan. Core advisers are defined as those making most of their income advising defined contribution (DC) plans, while medium advisers earn between 20% and 49%, and occasional advisers less than 20%, of total income in the DC marketplace. This panel will ask what sales lessons have been learned over the last year and help advisers identify where and how they should conduct their business development efforts.
    John Manganaro
    , Managing Editor,

    Sean D. Patton, Partner, Senior Consultant, Westminster Consulting
    Aaron Pottichen, Senior Vice President, Alliant Retirement Consulting

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