ETFs Continue to Prosper

Assets of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) rose in April to $595.96 billion, marking an almost 30% increase in the last year.

Data from the Investment Company Institute (ICI) show that the number of ETFs also increased slightly to 660. Although a slight increase in the month, it shows a dramatic increase over the 475 ETFs available in April 2007.

The nation’s total ETF assets were up by $24.85 billion, or 4%, since March of this year. In the last year, ETF assets have increased overall by 28%, or $129.41 billion, according to ICI.

Individual types of ETFs experienced growth as well in the last year. Assets in domestic equity ETFs increased $64.86 billion since April 2007, and global equity ETFs assets rose $45.61 billion during this period. Assets of bond funds were $42.17 billion and hybrid funds were $170 million, the data show.

Despite the growth in ETF assets, ICI says the net issuance of ETFs is less than one year ago. The value of all ETF shares during April 2008 issued exceeded shares redeemed by $150 million; in April 2007, the net issuance was $6.63 billion.

The ICI data is available here.