Dreyfus Develops Emerging Markets Fund

The Dreyfus Corporation launched the Dreyfus Total Emerging Markets Fund.

The fund is an actively managed mutual fund that seeks to create a portfolio comprised of the most attractive opportunities in emerging markets equities, bonds and currencies.  To this end, Dreyfus Total Emerging Markets Fund will typically invest at least 80% of its assets in the securities of emerging market issuers and other investments that are tied economically to emerging market countries.

Dreyfus, the fund’s investment adviser, will use the combined investment strategy employed by Dreyfus portfolio managers who are dual employees of Standish Mellon Asset Management Company LLC and The Boston Company Asset Management, LLC (TBCAM), both investment boutiques of BNY Mellon Asset Management.  The fund’s portfolio managers responsible for the fund’s equity investments and those responsible for fixed income investments will share asset allocation and country selection decisions.    

Standish’s investment strategy will be used for purposes of making decisions related to fixed income securities and currencies.  TBCAM’s investment strategy will be used for purposes of making investment decisions related to equities, the announcement said.