Diamond Advisors Announces Quality Growth Fund

Diamond Portfolio Advisors, LLC, an institutional money manager, has launched a mutual fund based on its track record in managing high quality growth stocks.

According to the announcement, the Quality Growth Fund is the first in a series of funds to mirror the firm’s growth strategies under the Diamond Portfolio Investment Trust. The firm’s investment strategy layers an analysis of corporate culture on top of quantitative screening focusing on companies with consistent double digit growth prospects.

The fund is available in several shareholder classes, and Diamond managing director Jay Rogers said in the announcement the firm is currently negotiating with several mutual fund platforms to make the fund available to a wide spectrum of investors, both retail and institutional.

Diamond Portfolio Advisors is the adviser to the fund and all shareholder services have been outsourced to Commonwealth Shareholder Services based in Richmond, Virginia.

For more information contact Franklin A. Trice III with The Commonwealth Companies at (804) 267-7415 or Jay Rogers with Diamond Portfolio Advisors, LLC at (310) 443-4236.