Brinker Launches Absolute Return App

Brinker Capital launched an application to help advisers determine how much of each client’s portfolio should be allocated to absolute return investments.

The Absolute Return Mixer app is available for free download in Apple’s App Store, the Android Market and on Brinker Capital’s website.  

After downloading the app, advisers are asked to answer eight questions based on their client’s investing time horizon, risk tolerance and future purchasing power. Once completed, the recommended breakdown between absolute return and relative return appears on the user’s tablet device or computer.

“From the time financial advisers began accessing absolute return investments in a more overt manner, we’ve heard talk about their difficulties in obtaining a standardized method of calculating the appropriate ratio of relative return versus absolute return for each of their client’s portfolios,” said John E. Coyne, III, president at Brinker Capital.

Results cannot be saved or printed unless you’re a Brinker Capital adviser, who will be able to receive a PDF of the recommendation and/or e-mail it to themselves or a client directly from an iPad or Android tablet. Non-Brinker Capital advisers can complete an approval process to request a PDF of the results.