BrightPlan Adds Enhancements to Employee Benefits Platform

The company is planning to improve the tool with personalized recommendations, investment insights and spending analysis. 

BrightPlan, a provider of financial wellness programs for the Fortune 1000, announced a series of enhancements to strengthen its platform.

The new functionality is said to promote smarter employee planning, investing and spending decisions. Via the company’s planning wizard, employees can receive personalized recommendations for selecting funds in their employer’s 401(k). Those with linked investment accounts can obtain investment insights, including portfolio analysis, and all can receive an analysis of their spending, in BrightPlan’s budgeting module.

BrightPlan brings together the benefits of both professional financial advisers and digital financial advice.

For employees, BrightPlan’s financial wellness platform delivers, in sum, CEFEX [Center for Fiduciary Excellence]-certified fiduciary advice, financial education, goals-based planning, automated investing, progress tracking, spending analysis, and help with debt reduction and budgeting.

For employers, BrightPlan provides an assessment of the state of financial wellness across their employee base and identifies ongoing opportunities to help employees increase their financial acumen. The platform provides objective data and insights, according to the company, that help employers adjust their benefit programs to alleviate workers’ financial stress.

“BrightPlan’s financial wellness platform helps power growth by increasing profitability and transforming a company into an employer of choice,” says Marthin De Beer, CEO and founder of the company. “In labor-constrained markets, a financial wellness program is a clear competitive advantage in retaining and attracting talented employees. The new capabilities in BrightPlan make the platform even more valuable to both employers and employees.”