BOLD Campaign Provides Step-By-Step Financial Planning

Securian Financial group has unleashed a campaign called BOLD, for “Business Owner Life-stage Design,” that helps advisers address and plan for the many financial needs of small business owners.

The campaign presents a framework for streamlining a business owners’ financial priorities into a set of personal and business “lifecycles,” which are then supported by the adviser. The personal side encompasses things like personal retirement income and estate planning, while the business side includes administration of retirement plans, executive compensation, key person protection, and succession issues. 

A second aspect of BOLD is an informal valuation of client businesses, known as the “Business Benchmark,” which helps the small business owner develop a realistic view of what their firm might be worth.

Securian says it has recently conducted research among 500 small business owners, showing that while one-third of small business owners plan to leave their business in the next five years and 60% plan to leave in 10 years, many do not have any formal exit plans. The BOLD campaign addresses this important concern, Securian says.

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