BNY Mellon Adds New Risk-Related Service

BNY Mellon has added the Liquidity Aggregator to its risk and collateral management-related services.

“As markets expand globally, the need to analyze and quantify your portfolio return and liquidity risk is paramount. The Liquidity Aggregator offers clients a deeper view of exposure and risk, which is essential to managing their investments,” said Kurt Woetzel, CEO of BNY Mellon’s Global Collateral Services.

The Liquidity Aggregator system was designed to help clients actively monitor and help to control liquidity risk exposures and manage funding needs. It considers such factors as account security types, country and region of exposure, country and region of risk, and weighted average yields and maturities.

In addition, clients will be able examine their entire investment portfolio to view:

  • Exposure across all funds with positions;
  • Money market mutual fund full holdings in a single place;
  • Largest holdings in the portfolio by security type and issuer across multiple funds, with the ability to determine shared securities; and
  • Trends and reporting for month’s end and at six-month intervals for money market mutual funds daily yields.

BNY Mellon’s Global Collateral Services helps clients address collateral, liquidity and securities financing needs. BNY Mellon is a provider of financial services for institutions, corporations or individual investors.