Biggest Asset Manager Challenge: Delivering Consistent Message

Asset management firms struggle to convey a consistent message to the marketplace, according to Cerulli Associates.

More than 60% of asset managers report that delivering a consistent message to the marketplace is the most significant challenge they face in their marketing and sales efforts, according to a report from Cerulli.

To combat this problem, now more than ever firms are utilizing many forms of media to sell their products—such as e-mail, conference calls, and meetings. According to a release from Cerulli, firms are increasingly aware that their marketing messages might not be the same across the various channels they sell into and their wholesalers might not be carrying the same messages.

Web sites are now not only for customers, but also used internally. Some firms use their Web sites to educate the sales force so they tell the same product story. However, some firms are in need of a Web site makeover, having not undergone a complete Web site overhaul since first launching them in the early “90s, Cerulli says.

More than 80% of firms plan to make changes to both their investor and company Web sites, according to the release. For financial advisers, asset managers are creating specific sites with educational resources, such as white papers and other tools. That allows them to provide targeted information to directly support a specific group.

Cerulli also said firms are looking to expand their sites to benefit professional buyers at broker/dealer firms, using analytically-driven data, attribution analysis, platform information, video, and timely economic commentary.

But how are firms maintaining a consistent electronic message? Many have recognized the future of marketing and developed electronic marketing groups.

Cerulli’s analysis can be found in its recent report, Cerulli Quantitative Update: Retail Product Marketing and Sales Organizations 2008.