AXA Enhances Variable Annuity Offering

AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company has updated its variable annuity, the Accumulator, first introduced in 1995.

The product series will begin to offer a 5.5% deferral bonus roll-up rate, which delivers compounded growth on Accumulator’s income producing rider’s benefit base to age 85. Once withdrawals of lifetime income begin, the benefit base continues to compound at 5%, which the client can either take immediately or leave in the contract to further increase the lifetime income going forward.  

In addition, the product features an optional Guaranteed Minimum Income Benefit (GMIB). The optional GMIB rider provides a “floor” of future, predictable lifetime income, regardless of investment performance.  

The updated Accumulator features a choice of three different death benefit options that focus on preserving a legacy in up or down markets, locking in investment gains, or preserving principal. Two of these choices offer, for an additional fee, the opportunity to grow the benefit base to age 85.  

AXA Equitable’s suite of complementary individual variable annuities also includes: 

  • Retirement Cornerstone – Introduced in 2010, Retirement Cornerstone offers clients a retirement income planning strategy for addressing inflation concerns. Retirement Cornerstone with the optional Guaranteed Income Benefit has two distinct accounts offering investment performance and protection within a tax-deferred single platform. For clients interested in broad diversification, Retirement Cornerstone offers over 110 investment choices and a benefit base roll-up rate tied to the 10-year Treasury rate, presenting a growth strategy to take advantage of potentially rising interest rates. 
  • Structured Capital Strategies – An index-linked variable annuity introduced in 2010, Structured Capital Strategies offers savers and investors upside potential, up to a cap, and some downside protection. Structured Capital Strategies can offer some investors an alternative strategy for addressing unpredictable market extremes.