Ameriprise Financial Introduces Active Diversified Portfolios

Ameriprise Financial, Inc., introduced the Active Diversified Portfolios series, professionally managed portfolios designed to help individuals achieve risk-managed growth.

Active Diversified Portfolios investments are designed to provide broad diversification and a depth of knowledge in portfolio management much like the process used by large institutional investors, Ameriprise Financial said in a release. The portfolios use the fund manager research and selection process of Wilshire Associates Incorporated, an investment services and consulting firm.

The offering is a newest release of Active Portfolios investments, a family of professionally managed solutions (see “Ameriprise Introduces Risk-Managed Portfolio Series“). The Active Diversified Portfolios investments provide target allocations based on six risk profiles, ranging from 100% equity to a conservative portfolio of 20% equity and 80% fixed income and cash. Each of the core portfolio is also available in a tax-sensitive version, including tax-exempt mutual funds and, when appropriate, equity mutual funds with lower turnover rates. The company said advisers help investors select the appropriate portfolio for their goals, risk tolerance, tax situation, and specific needs.

“As individual investors seek to grow their assets in today’s complex market environment, it’s important for them to find accessible, advice-embedded investment approaches that fit their unique financial and personal needs,’ said Sarah McKenzie, senior vice president of Brokerage and Managed Products at Ameriprise Financial, in the release. “While no one can control the market, people can help control the impact of volatility on their long-term goals with the help of a financial adviser, a dedicated investment team, and institutional-caliber solutions such as Active Diversified Portfolios.’

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