Advent, Data Agent to Provide Hedge Fund Reporting Tools

Advent Software Inc. will collaborate with Data Agent LLC to provide tools to help hedge funds and hedge fund administrators meet Form PF reporting requirements.

The tools offer a wide range of features, such as data aggregation, workflow management and collaboration to help clients easily verify information within an organization, access important data and reduce time and resources necessary to meet new and changing regulatory reporting demands.

The Data Agent integrated Form PF reporting tools can be implemented as standalone products via a software-as-a-service model, or as a module deployed onsite.

 “The financial services industry is dynamic, and we have a clear perspective on how technology can help address some of the challenges related to changes and trends,” said Chris Momsen, senior vice president and general manager, Global Accounts and Tamale RMS, Advent Software. “These tools for Form PF compliance are an example of how we are using new, cloud-based technology and working with other industry leaders to support our clients’ ability to meet the demands of regulatory reporting requirements while controlling costs.” 

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