Actiance Introduces Compliance Tool for Financial Professionals

Actiance, a firm specializing in Internet-based security, management and compliance issues, has partnered with LinkedIn to broaden social media usage by financial service professionals.

The partnership with LinkedIn, the largest professional social network, will give Actiance access to LinkedIn’s private application programming interface (API). Actiance customers will then be able to customize settings to be in compliance with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

Users of Actiance’s Socialite platform will be able to control more than 150 feature and content controls across LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. The controls provide businesses with the ability to set custom policies to meet regulatory requirements and mitigate information leakage risks and ensure that e-discovery needs are met, according to the company.

“Especially for financial services firms, navigating the various electronic communications regulations from bodies such as FINRA, IIROC and the FSA can be very challenging in today’s Internet age,” said Sarah Carter, vice president of Actiance. “Our relationship with LinkedIn ensures Actiance customers will always remain compliant when using the world’s largest professional social network. We are able to archive, monitor and log all activity, from any device. Our customers gain the peace of mind that they will always be compliant.”

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